• November 29, 2013

    Blog 5 | Technology Not the be-all-and-end-all

    New technology for integrated operations not only brings changes that speed up the amount and quality of information available to operators, but also inevitably changes the way in which people work. Companies that integrate advances in information and communication technology and processes with workforce-related solutions will be on the cutting edge of the industry’s “quiet revolution.”

    Clearly the movement to use real-time data and information technology is changing the way we work. … Click here

  • October 01, 2013

    Blog 2 | It’s Not Just the Technology

    Clearly Integrated Operations (IO) is not just about technology.  The most significant change that has taken place is in the way companies are organized in order to maximise the value from having this real-time data and information.

    Many businesses see this as a technology-enabled transformation programme, whereby the way people work, from the offshore technician to the HQ commercial analyst, is fundamentally changed. … Click here

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