Transform your Business Capabilities

StepChange Global has the experience and expertise to help you transform your business capabilities over time.

StepChange Global are subject matter experts in Integrated Operations, Digital Oilfield and collaborative working environments.

Strategy, programmes and pilots
We support companies in developing and implementing Intelligent Energy strategies, programmes, projects and pilots, based on a capability approach that delivers scalable and sustainable value to an organisation.  We define and deliver effective change management to support your Intelligent Energy implementations.

New capability provision
We provide design and implementation of new capabilities enabled by real-time information and collaboration within the oil and gas sector, such as real-time environmental monitoring and full value chain optimization.

New operational models
We develop and implement new operational models for production operations, drilling and projects delivery based on Intelligent Energy approaches, as well as the scaling of new capabilities and collaborative working to deliver new operational working models.

Collaborative working
We design and implement real time collaborative working, based on the latest technologies, improved work processes, organisational alignment and governance resulting in total asset awareness, improved use of experts and knowledge sharing.  This includes design and delivery of the latest generation of collaborative working environments including control room facilities.

Major Projects and minimum manning
We deliver minimum manning concepts for new Greenfield and Brownfield development projects, based on the use of safe, simple and highly reliable designs, resulting in reduced CAPEX and OPEX.  This includes the provision of technical requirements and guidelines for Intelligent Energy enabled developments from concept through to operation.

IO Implementation Course
We deliver tailored, interactive courses on implementing IO programmes within your organisation, focusing on People, Process, Technology and Organisational Change.  Our courses are delivered at all levels of the organization from IO practitioners to Executive level.  Courses range from half a day to three days duration.